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@munyumunyu じっぷさん、おはにょろ〜ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"✨₍₍🐟⁾⁾

@sakasato did you know, the stands in part three of jojo's bizarre adventure were named after the tarot deck

@ErrorTheWolf lol, I don’t know jojo very well~!🐟 ( ⌯᷄௰⌯᷅ ;)

The Tarot is used as a motif in many of their works~!₍₍🐟⁾⁾✨

@ErrorTheWolf tbh, I think it's in good taste to use the Tarot as a motif~!₍₍🐟⁾⁾✨

how do you guys link accounts to other things i.e PeerTube?

@rockandi ロックアンドアイさん、おはにょろ〜₍₍🐟⁾⁾✨

@haiju おはありでしたにゃ〜にょろ〜₍₍🐟⁾⁾✨

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