I dont think i will keep this accounts, i have a lot of problems, like i can't see the whole federation, i can't all retoots from my main...

if we can't have a tld like .eo, (fuck icann) someone could buy something like eo.ws and give free subdomains (ws = worldsite)

Am I a genius? No.

Am I the only one who is french/English speaking in this instance? Wtf


Disclaimer: I'm me

For me Mastodon is what Twitter should've been, a space where I can keep up with people I care about, vent my thoughts and have a chance to be heard. It doesn't get in my way. And the atmosphere is friendly unlike the unmoderated spaces of other networks.

This is not totally my main, this is my english main

Nouveau compte sur masto :
@jussedepatate bon, celui va être utile, ça va être mon profil anglophone ^^

Je résume,
@jusdepatate est mon main fr
@jussedepatate est mon main en


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